Term and Conditions

The access to the sales through the website www.reputeka.com owned by the company Reputeka implies full acceptance of the following conditions:   Clause 1 - Company reputeka.com is a limited company; its head office is based in Vallarsa, fraz. Raossi n. 5; any communication relating the Services shall be sent by e-mail: info@reputeka.com.   Clause 2 - General provisions These Terms and conditions set out the parties’ rights and obligations for the purposes of the sale of products by suppliers to members of the reputeka.com website (hereinafter "the Website"). By ordering on the Website the Member declares that s/he is of age, and that s/he is considered a consumer as per art. 3 of the Italian Legislative Decree n. 206/2005 (hereinafter “Consumer Code”) and that s/he is the owner of the e.mail address communicated to reputeka.com. The Member hereby acknowledges that s/he has read and accepted the relevant rights and obligations. Any order placed on the Website is governed by these conditions.   Clause 3 - Terminology All of the provided services of sale offered by reputeka.com on its Website are hereinafter referred to as "The reputeka.com Services" or "the Services ". The Services are available in all the worldand proposed in the Italian and English. Each physical person or legal entity, legally of age and wishing to be eligible for the reputeka.com Services and capable to fulfilling these Terms and Conditions, shall hereinafter be referred to as a "Member". Each acquisition of a product made by a Member on the Website under the conditions stated in these Terms and Conditions shall hereinafter be referred to as "the Order".   Clause 4 – Access and registration 4.1. Access to the Services is via registration to the Website   Clause 5 – Placing an Order and pricing information 5.1. Members may place Orders at http://www.reputeka.com, our Website. 5.2. The Member guarantees that s/he is fully authorized to use the credit/debit card supplied for the purposes of paying for his/her Order and that this credit/debit card has sufficient available funds to cover all of the costs incurred as a result of using the reputeka.com Services. 5.3. By clicking the "Confirm and Pay" button during the Order process, and after checking the contents of the Order in his/her "basket" and, where applicable, amending them, the Member hereby states that s/he fully and unreservedly accepts all of these Terms and Conditions. After confirming the contents of his/her Order, the Member must make final confirmation by means of payment. The Order will only become final once the Order has been accepted by the  suppliers and the corresponding payment has been made. reputeka.com will always confirm both Orders received from each Member and then their shipment, by e-mail. 5.4. The tax-inclusive price for each product is shown on the corresponding product sheet. Members will be informed of the shipping costs for their Orders prior to final confirmation. Furthermore, once the Order has been confirmed, the prices and costs including VAT (for EU countries) will remain accessible in the "My Account / My Orders" section of the Website. 5.5. Any failure by the Member to adhere to the obligations entered under the terms of these Terms and Conditions, and in particular relating to any incident involving the payment of the price of an Order, may lead to suspension of access to the reputeka.com Service, or even the closing of the Member’s account according to the degree of seriousness of the action in question, without prejudice to any damages which reputeka.com might seek. As a result, reputeka.com reserves the right to refuse any Order from a Member with whom there is any such dispute.     Clause 6 – Conformity of products 6.1. The information given in each product page are provided by the suppliers from whom the products are sourced. reputeka.com will make every effort to ensure that descriptions and photographs of provided products on the Website are as accurate as possible. However, due to the digital method used to display the products on the Internet, it is possible that the Member’s perception of the photographs of a product may not exactly match the product itself. 6.2. In the event of non-conformity or defect of any product delivered to the Member, the latter may ask reputeka.com to refund the price of the product ordered within ten (10) days from the request made by the Member. 6.3. In any case, these provisions do not deprive the Member of his or her right to cancel, as governed by Clause 8 of these Terms and Conditions.   Clause 7 – Availability of products and services If a product is totally or partially unavailable after the Order is made, the Member shall be informed by e-mail about the delivery of a partial Order or the cancellation of his or her Order. If the product is not available the Member then has the right to ask reputeka.com to refund the price of the product ordered within thirty (30) days from his or her request.   Clause 8 – Cancellations 8.1. Scope Apart from the exceptions stated below, all products sold are subject to the Cancellations clause. The Member has the right to cancel any Order placed on the Website within ten (10) working days from the delivery date of his/her Order, according to Consumer Code. The aforesaid cancellation right does not apply with regard to certain products listed in art. 55 of the Consumer’s Code such as in the event of a sale agreements related to goods which were made according to the consumers’ requirements or which were obviously customized, or which cannot be returned because of their nature. In any case Members will be told about the products involved during the course of the sale. 8.2. Terms Prior to returning a product and canceling the Order, the Member must state his or her intention writing an email to info@reputeka.com. This right may be exercised by sending the product back to the address indicated by reputeka.com within 10 working days from receipt of the product. The Member will receive a refund within thirty (30) days from reputeka.com reception of the application to exercise the right to cancel made by the Member, provided that the product has been sent back following the procedure under art. 9. Member is liable for any cost and risks involved in returning the product in case of delivery outside Italian territory. The return of products will lead to refund of the price of the purchased product(s), including any delivery costs, except those relating to return.    Clause 9 – Member’s procedures for returning a product In order to be fully eligible for the conditions of Clause 6 "Conformity" and those of Clause 8 "Right to Cancel", the Member must return the product to the address indicated by reputeka.com, within (10) working days from the delivery date of his/her Order, subject to have informed reputeka.com by sending an email to info@reputeka.com and have received an answer. The products shall be returned: - properly protected, with its original packaging, in perfect condition for the purposes of resale (not damaged or soiled) together with any accessories; - together with the return slip identifying the order placed inside the return parcel; - the product must not clearly have been subject to lasting use (longer than a few minutes), in other words the products must not show marks of extended use beyond the time required to test them and must be in a condition allowing them to be resold.   Clause 10 – Payment Purchases may currently be paid for either by credit/debit cards and banking wire transfer. The following cards are currently accepted: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, Discover and JCB. If paid with a credit/debit card, the Member’s bank account will be debited after a period of 24 hours following the date of the Order and the latter shall be deemed to be effective after confirmation of the agreement of the banking payment centers. Members should save and print the payment document if they wish to have a copy of the transaction details.   Clause 11 – Security The reputeka.com Website has one of the most efficient current site security systems. Not only does it use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption, it has also reinforced all of the various encryption processes in order to provide the most effective protection possible for all sensitive payment information. reputeka.com never has access to any confidential information about the means of payment. Indeed, only paypal, our banking partner, has access to confidential information (card number, validity date) and can not be accessed by any other third party.   Clause 12 – Delivery 12.1. Place of delivery The products will be sent to the delivery address which the Member gives during the Order process. The contribution towards logistical preparation and shipping costs is inclusive of all taxes (excluding duty and local taxes). Notice of all deliveries is given by e-mail. When an Order is confirmed, reputeka.com gives notice that an original invoice including the delivery costs and VAT is available online in the "My Account" section of the Website. reputeka.com ships packages to anywhere in the European Union, with the exception of Livigno, Trepalle, Campione d’Italia e San Marino. The Member must choose the place of delivery: to his or her home, to his or her office, to a third party’s address, to the place where s/he is spending his or her holidays, etc. If nobody is in at the address given by the Member when the delivery is made, a notice of attempted delivery is usually put through the letterbox. A second and a third attempt of delivery will be made. It will then be up to the Member to contact the courier to agree upon a new delivery date; it is also possible to collect the package from the courier ’s nearest depot within five (5) days from the leaving of this final notice. It will then be up to the Member to contact the courier. Once the times stated above have elapsed, the package will be sent back to the supplier. The Customer Services department will then contact the Member for a possible reshipment and, if there is no answer from the Member within a reasonable period of time, will hold the package and the Member will have no more right to ask for refund. 12.2. Delivery time The maximum delivery time is thirty (30) working days from the date when the Order is made, unless stated otherwise to the Member prior to the placing of the Order and prior to the final confirmation thereof. In this case, reputeka.com will give the Member an estimated range of delivery dates. 12.3. Delays in delivery In any such case the Member may contact the reputeka.com Customer Services department, whose contact details are shown in the "Contact Us” section of the Website. The Member has the right to cancel his/her Order if it is not delivered no later than thirty (30) working days after the delivery date stated by reputeka.com, unless this delay in delivery is due to a case of force majeure. reputeka.com will ask its bank to refund the Member within ten (10) working days following his or her request to cancel. 12.4. Successful Delivery Each delivery is deemed to have been made once the product has been handed over to the Member, including when this is done by the courier; delivery shall be verified by the tracking system available on the section of Website “My Account”. Without prejudice to the period of time available to the Member for the purposes of his right to cancel as set out in Clause 8 above, it is the Member’s responsibility to check shipments upon arrival and to make any reservations and claims which might appear to be justified, or even to refuse the package, if it is likely to have been opened or if it shows clear traces of damage. The aforesaid reservations and claims must be indicated in the transportation document and communicate to reputeka.com using the “Contact Us” section of the Website within 24 hours from receipt of the package. The Customer Care will conduct appropriate searches. 12.5. Lost packages The package will be sent on to its destination by a courier chosen by reputeka.com. The Member is informed of the package’s departure by the sending of an e-mail summarizing the products sent and informing him or her of the tracking so that s/he can track it on our website in the " My Account / My Orders / Shipping Status” section or with the Customer Care. In the event the Member does not receive any Information about his/her Order, the latter shall inform the Customer Care that will then begin an enquiry together with the courier. - If the package is found it will then be sent to the Member: the receipt procedure then follows its normal course (leaving of the package or notice of attempted delivery. - If the package is declared to be lost, reputeka.com then notifies the Member and immediately proceeds to the formalities for refunding the Order for the lost package (products and delivery charges).   Clause 13 – Guarantees 13.1. Legal guarantee Depending on the choice made by the Member, reputeka.com undertakes either to credit the Member for the price of the product or to exchange the Member’s product for an identical product, subject to stock and availability, or to exchange a product for a product of equivalent quality and price, subject to stock and availability, if a non -conforming product is delivered (Clause 6 above) and if a product which reveals a hidden defect is delivered. For any request of this type, the Member must then contact the Customer Care department using the "Contact Us" section of the Website. These provisions do not affect the right to cancel as set out in Clause 8 above. 13.2. Contractual guarantee offered by some suppliers Certain products may offer a contractual guarantee and this will be stated in the product sheet at the time of the exclusive sale on reputeka.com Website. Clear details of these guarantees are given in their sheets, and no Member may ask to be covered by a wider-ranging guarantee than the one shown here. In the event of a problem with a product, the Member must keep the purchase invoice sent by reputeka.com and get in touch with the Customer Care department using the " Contact Us", section, and will then be informed of the procedure to follow. 13.3. Exclusion from guarantees Any products which have been altered, repaired, incorporated or added by the Member or any other person who has not been authorized by the supplier of the aforesaid product are excluded from the guarantee. The guarantee will not cover any obvious defects not immediately declared as the Member receives the product.   Clause 14 – Intellectual Property Rights The content of the Website (including logos, trademarks, pictures, etc.) is protected by copyright. The elements present in the website are subject to modification without prior notice and are made available without warranty. The content of the Website shall not be copied, reproduced, published, downloaded, distributed in any way. The registration is allowed only on a unique computer for private use and for not commercial uses; copyright shall be mentioned. The alteration or the use of the Website content for different purposes shall constitute a breach of reputeka’s copyright. In particular, it is forbidden to use such contents on other websites or on the internet. Simple links to reputeka’s home page are authorized. It is forbidden: - The use of deep linking and inline linking to enable the Internet user to automatically view, in a specific space, content coming from reputeka.com. - The use of framing to enable a page from reputeka.com to appear inside the web page visited by the Internet user. - Links originating from websites whose contents are contrary to public decency, violent, pornographic or pedophile, that do not respect human dignity or showing and/or selling illegal products are not authorized. The presence of a third-party ipertextual link connected with reputeka.com’s Website does not imply a collaboration with reputeka.com and the Website. reputeka.com does not exercise any control on third-party websites and consequently does not assume any liability relating to contents, products, services, information, software. reputeka.com’s Website may contain links to third parties and/or partner websites. reputeka.com does not exercise any control on these websites and consequently it does not assume any liability relating to their availability, content, advertising products and/or services available on these websites. reputeka.com shall not be considered in any way responsible for direct or indirect damages that should be caused by Members accessing third-parties and/or partner website and for the use of the content and/or services of such websites.   Clause 15 – Alterations to the Terms and Conditions reputeka.com reserves the right to make alterations to these Terms and Conditions. Members agree to comply with the current version of Terms and Conditions by only ordering and purchasing on reputeka.com’s Website. Notice of any new version thereof shall be given in advance on the first page of the “Terms & Conditions” section. Any Members who do not wish the contractual relations to be governed by the new version of the applicable Terms and Conditions to any new Order must give notice of this and, from the date on which the new version becomes effective, they must cease to use the reputeka.com Services.   Clause 16 – Privacy Policy The personal data relating to each Member shall be gathered and stored by reputeka.com to fulfill its obligation according to applicable law. Such personal data shall be treated in compliance with the provision of the Consumer Code and with the privacy policy published on the Website, read and accepted by the Member.   Clause 17. Miscellaneous 17.1 In the event that any one of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions should be deemed to be illegal or non -binding pursuant to a legal decision, the other provisions shall remain effective. 17.2 The information delivered by the Website is deemed to be authentic in dealings between the parties. Details such as the time of receipt or of sending, along with the quality of the data received shall be deemed to be authentic, with priority given to the data recorded on reputeka.com’s IT systems, or as authenticated by reputeka.com’s computer procedures, unless the Member can prove otherwise in writing. The scope of the proof of the information delivered by reputeka.com’s computer systems is that granted to an original in the sense of a written document on paper, signed by hand.   Clause 18. Law – Disputes These Terms and Conditions in the English language are mere translation of the Italian version; in case of conflict this latter shall prevail. These Terms and Conditions shall be performed and interpreted in accordance with the legislation of Italy. The relationship between Reputeka and the member are governed by the Italian law. Any dispute concerning, arising out of or related to these relation will be left to the jurisdiction of the Court of Rovereto. In the event of a dispute, the Member must first of all contact reputeka.com in order to attempt to reach a friendly solution.