Sicily is the largest Italian island and is one of the wonders of the South with mountains, hills and the sea, but without forgetting the volcanoes. The island is full of monuments, testimonies of art that formed over the centuries.

May 2016

Protected areas and tourism

Sicily is a region rich in parks and protected natural reservations, thanks to its mountainous and uncontaminated conformation: among these regional parks, the most important ones are the Etna Park and the Madonie Park. The first regional protected area in chronological order of establishment in th ...

Apr 2016


Sicily enters in history with its colonization carried out by the Greeks, which took place during the mid VIII century B.C.: precisely, with the foundation of Naxos by Chalcis and of Siracusa by Corinth. The civilization of the Greek settlers is analogous to the one of their homeland: the fundamenta ...

Mar 2016

Sicily - a whole Sicilian heart held in the Trinacria

Trinacria, the ancient name of Sicily, is the largest Italian island, a land tied to tradition and its history, as showed by the precious archaeological evidence and its monuments. Nature seems to have destined to this land its greatest wonders with landscapes, smells and tastes so unique and intens ...

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