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Puglia is the heel of the boot. From Gargano to Salento is a chest of priceless treasures and architectural wonders. A land in the plural, a place that conceals different souls, suspended between nature, history, tradition, taste and spirituality.

May 2016

Salento, a land full of ancient flavors

Salento cuisine is the typical cuisine of Salento, which is the southern part of the region Puglia, where the food is cooked with the humblest products of the land and the sea, which bathes it. Nonetheless, there are plenty of nutritious and tasty dishes, thanks also to the several populations that ...

May 2016

The religious traditions of Apulia

In Apulia, the faith and worship places witness a thousand-years history, which can be noted from the cathedrals, the basilicas and the sanctuaries, which abound on the region’s territory. The local inhabitants strengthen the importance of these sacred place, thanks to their devotion: during the p ...

Apr 2016

The Apulian historic villages

Apulia is a region rich in different landscapes, in which the inland blends together with the sea, and in which the major towns leave enough space for small historic villages and burgs as well. Envisaging a travel itinerary starting from the northern part of the region and developing towards the sou ...

Mar 2016

Puglia, lu sule, lu mare … lu ientu.

Puglia is the boot of Italy, its most Eastern region, also known as 'Le Puglie', this region is truly a land in the plural, a place that hide souls suspended between nature, history, tradition, taste and spirituality; a land where the crystal clear and calm sea of the Ionian meet and mix with the de ...

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